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Sundas Rug

SKU: 5605


Hand Knotted in Afghanistan
Wool on Cotton
4.26m x 2.99m
14' 0" x 9' 10"

Our collection of handmade Sultanabad Style rugs take their name from the town of Sultanabad in central Iran, which changed its name to Arak in the early 20th century.  

In the mid/late 19th century, this area of Iran became famed from producing a new style of handmade rug design, noted for being more open in design and often wider in proportion to traditional Persian rugs.  Ziegler & Co (an Anglo-Swiss company) were a key innovator in this movement in handmade rug weaving, and rugs in this style can be know as many names including Ziegler, Sultanabad, & Mahal.  

Our handmade Sultanabad Style rugs are mainly woven in northern Afghanistan, in rural agricultural areas where a household typically has a rug loom in order to supplement the income, especially in the winter months.

We source each Sultanabad style rug individually, in person, and take great care to make sure each rug is an excellent example of its type before shipping them back to our Petworth showroom.

Our Sundas rugs are the finest example of this style of weaving, being handmade in a stunning 50/50 (knots per 10cm) quality. The word Sundas is taken from from the Urdu girls name, meaning 'heaven dressed', which is used to describe great beauty.  It only seemed an appropriate name for these beautiful rugs,

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